You are looking for a reputable solar power project EPC contractor with competence and experience in construction for your project to ensure quality, safety, efficiency, and avoid all risks for the project. . VNECO, and its member companies are the best option.

Green factory building


General building steel-covered building-frame construction system, structural standards for solar roofs, with new combined bearing system.

Solar rooftop for existing factories


Surveying, consulting and installing rooftop solar power systems for the existing factory system, ensuring safety and sustainability for the project is always the first goal …

Solar power in farm


Designing and constructing high-tech farm and livestock farm projects, combined with roofs covered with solar batteries with capacity from 500 – 990 Kwp.

EPC contractor for urban solar power projects

Surveying, designing, consulting and executing rooftop solar power projects for construction projects such as companies, businesses, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and households. We accompany and support all legal proceedings, power connection and purchase contracts.

Our projects

Our system, installed and installed to provide many large-scale projects with large capacity, brings peace of mind and satisfaction to investors in terms of quality, progress and safety in construction activities. .