M&A service for solar power projects, wind power

We and the investors in our system are always looking to buy and sell cooperation with renewable energy project developers.

  • Solar Power Plant Project (Solar Power).
  • Rooftop solar power project with capacity from 300Kw – 990 Kw.
    Wind Power plant project (Wind Power)
  • Include power generation operation projects, or potential projects or unfinished projects.

We provide effective solutions for customers in mergers, acquisitions, splits, divestments, or sales of renewable energy projects.

In advising buyers, we provide advisory services to clients on share purchases of Vietnamese companies, including tasks such as preparing market access reports, identifying public target company, introduce investment opportunities, appraise business with negotiation and transaction execution strategy.

For sellers, our system provides consulting services to find strategic customers in the sale of shares of the project; Consulting on financial restructuring, project appraisal, project development planning, building pricing strategy and negotiation strategy, assisting in negotiation and investor selection.