General warehouse for distribution of solar power equipment

We import, and distribute solar electric equipment and light wind power equipment from reputable partners in the world. with the desire to bring to the market products, suitable quality, price and above all, bring peace of mind to customers and agent system.

VNECO, as the importer of equipment such as solar panels, inverter equipment for EPC projects, as well as supplying to its customers and agents.

Agent development system, customer service system, together with our team of engineers, confidently bring quality products and equipment to ensure quality, genuine and true commitment.

Solar energy import and supply

Provides for EPC projects

We import and sell genuine solar energy equipment products for EPC projects for member companies, and construction systems.

Supply to system of resellers and retailers

With the advantage of always importing directly with large quantity, so we have the advantage to bring Solar products and equipment to the market at competitive prices for agents and customers.


Solar panels

Mono solar panels, Poly from top 5 brands in the world, have been trusted by many solar power plants.

Inverter equipment

Inverter devices, the quality has been trusted by the market to use. In addition, we help you to advise on choosing inverter equipment suitable for each type of project and capacity.

Accessories, cable tray, conductor

Electrical cabinet equipment, transformer stations, mechanical cable truss accessories, quality wires from trusted brands, in terms of technical expertise.

Contact to order

Contact us to get you started with your investment in rooftop and grid connected solar PV.